TBM is a Forum Dedicated to Restoring Our Manufacturing Sectors.

The ultimate goal of Take Back Manufacturing is to get government, educators
and industry leadership to start working closer together to plan the recovery of the
declining manufacturing sectors in Canada.

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Reshoring for Canada.

The TBM Team has released a Working Paper on the latest Reshoring trends back to NAFTA and how Manufacturing in Canada will fit with this latest trend.

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Exciting TBM monthly forum events in 2015 …


Looking for your support!


Our Take Back Manufacturing Forum has an exciting new venue for 2015…


We have decided to hold our 2015 monthly meetings at the Sheridan college Brampton campus and we will invite our usual membership and any visitors as well as the student body including past students both for Sheridan and affiliated campuses.


This way we intend to spread the TBM word and the exciting event topics that we are planning to hold to all those interested, including the next generation of manufacturing professionals and entrepreneurs.


We thank you all for your past support at the SME/TBM events over the past years and hope you will continue to attend at this new venue to support TBM and enjoy the networking including with the students that are key to our future quest to restore our manufacturing sectors for our economic prosperity...


We wish to thank the Sheridan team for their future hospitality and support for TBM and these events.


We will keep you advised and event details will still be posted at www.sme-tbm.org


Or contact me direct if you have suggestions for the good of TBM at nsouthway@bell.net or Call me at 905 464 5517


Nigel Southway


TBM Advocate


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TBM Symposium 13 October 2012

The Take Back Manufacturing Symposium held by the Professional Engineers of Ontario and SME was a great success and feedback was very good from those that attended.



This dynamic and informative symposium examined the importance of manufacturing to Canada’s economy and how we should revive this vital sector.


It provided a range of speakers and gave fresh insight into the underlying economic issues, globalization forces and industrial policies.


A video and pictures and copies of the material will be made available soon.

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Latest TBM Newsletter.....


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The TBM Team Presented at The OCEPP Annual Conference May 11th 2012



Presentation by Nigel Southway SME Chair on TBM at OCEPP.


View video in conjunction with the following visual aid. 

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Report from Boston Consulting Group says massive reshoring opportunities ahead..


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