TBM is a Forum Dedicated to Restoring Our Manufacturing Sectors.

The ultimate goal of Take Back Manufacturing is to get government, educators
and industry leadership to start working closer together to plan the recovery of the
declining manufacturing sectors in Canada.

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The TBM Team has released a Working Paper on the latest Reshoring trends back to NAFTA and how Manufacturing in Canada will fit with this latest trend.

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Take Back Manufacturing in 2017


A journey through history to the present ….and the future vision.

The Globalized Manufacturing approach with efficient Supply Chains has been the business norm for the last 3 decades, but now many experts predict a change in direction toward Sustainable Supply Chains, LEAN Business practices, Balanced Sourcing involving Reshoring and more localized and significantly more nationalistic trade blocs.


This will be the next business initiative to understand and embrace.


We will explain:


Why sustainable supply chain concepts are the latest global business trend, and how social-political events now unfolding may reverse current globalization


Why these more nationalistic politics are now in vogue and may reverse 30 years of poor global management and low prosperity.


How Canada will stack up in this future of nationalistic and sustainable trading blocs and how political will, policies, legislations and national competitive factors will need to change.


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